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Cohecom delivers.

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Wherever your business is today, we will take it to where you want it to be.

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Our advice will be practical, honest and based on decades of experience in many different markets.

Always a step ahead

Whether you wish to make a small change or completely transform your company, we will exceed your expectations by ensuring real change that delivers true value.

A step-wise approach

Cohecom will make changing easier and help you achieve your goals in an efficient and cost effective way in the shortest possible time.

About Cohecom

My company intends to assist businesses and corporations in making strategic decisions for the viability and long-term sustainability of their operations. Focus is particularly on team work. Good representation of key disciplines in a project organization is instrumental in the optimization of development activities and time lines. Organizational aspects of global project management to secure adequate project execution is my key operational territory.

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Cohecom will focus worldwide on consultancy and support services for the pharmaceutical market in the broadest sense of the word. Cohecom will strive to optimize its work processes and improve its efficiency and effectiveness continuously by an open communication as well as close collaboration with its customers.


Cohecom strives to be a reliable partner to support customer’s growth and quality objectives. Cohecom wishes to develop long-term relationships with its customers in an open and transparent way. Cohecom is aiming to be a profitable and growing business contributing to the value development of its customers.


Cohecom is looking for long-lasting business relationships developing suitable and beneficial services in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Areas of Expertise

  • Management
  • Corporate Management
  • Interim Management
  • Change Management
  • Key Account Management (Pharma Projects)
  • Project Management
  • New Business Development

  • Research and Development
  • Chemical Production
  • APIs/(Key) Intermediates
  • New Business Development
  • Process Development
  • Product Selection and Portfolio Management
  • Technology Transfer (internal/external)
  • Sourcing Support
  • Use of Network of Pharma Professionals
  • Products and Projects
  • Company Selection for Outsourcing

  • Acquisition Support
  • Candidate Search and Selection
  • Due Diligence
  • Acquisition Process Coordination and Management

  • Quality systems
  • Quality Management
  • Quality Improvement Procedures
  • Regulatory Support

My Personal Background

I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry involved in the development of APIs and chemical intermediates as well as drug products in the meantime for over 30 years. My consultancy services are aiming at the global pharmaceutical and chemical market utilizing particularly my experience over the last decade working in India, China, Japan and the Middle East. Being a chemist by education I have been involved in the full development of new chemical entities not only with respect to the chemistry but also as global project director addressing the formulation, clinical, regulatory and manufacturing aspects.

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Organizational aspects of global project management as well as technology transfer for adequate project execution have been my key operational territory. Therein my emphasis is particularly on team work. Good representation of key disciplines in a project organization is instrumental in optimizing the development activities and overall timelines. Moreover I can assist companies in finding adequate solutions in performance improvement throughout their whole organization in areas like production, technology transfer, and R&D. It also encompasses support in meeting regulatory requirements and giving direction to optimize efficiency and cost effectiveness, strategic planning, as well as product portfolio selection and management.

Moreover we assist in a vital activity to strengthen your company. We perform search and selection activities of candidate companies which form a strategic fit for acquisition or establishing a collaboration. We can deliver support in the different phases of such a process by assessing quality systems and product portfolio, by performing a due diligence and later on by managing the integration process.

Further I have profound experience in corporate management transforming businesses by stimulating growth and optimizing their business processes, a skill that would be applicable to any type of business where change is a dynamic process and a key competence to survive. My strength is to assist and advise organizations in making strategic decisions for the viability and long-term sustainability of their operations.

We also advise our clients on more specific corporate and commercial issues and on their business transactions in particularly focusing on the pharmaceutical industry in its broadest sense.

In the pharmaceutical and chemical arena I can differentiate myself based on my long experience in the pharmaceutical market and specific knowledge of the far East business attitude. To underpin the ground rule that the right climate for cost and efficiency improvement has to be created I have formed a collaboration network with local suppliers/development companies via my existing contacts in India and China, but also Europe, to deliver tailor made support for specific projects and/or products and also sourcing. I have access to a broad network of specialists in the different areas of competence indispensable for the pharmaceutical market.

By utilizing the full width of my services step by step my customers can turn their businesses around meeting the current challenging market demands.

So my first (and free) advice is to let me be your stepping stone to upgrade your business by using the vast experience of Cohecom and its network.

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